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Our goal then and now is to provide quality, on-time projects.


DOL Registered & Registered with the department of Labour

Do you need an electrician or plumber ASAP? No matter how big your plumbing or electrical problem might seem, we are here to assist you.


Professional Builder

We Provide Ideal Solution To Fit Our Clients Specific Requirements and Style. 15 Years Experience.


Master Electrician

Our Services Include: Plumbing, Electrical, Boreholes, Solar, Backup Power, Compliance Certificates, New Installations, Fault Finding, New Wiring, DB Boards, Tripping Lights, Leaking Toilets, Blocked Drains, Burst Geysers, Leak Detection and Installation of New Pipes and Plugs.


Certified Experience

Let our certified, highly trained teams make your vision a reality in the most cost-effective and durable way possible.

"Lighting up your world, one wire at a time!"


Who we are


Since 2008 our company provides a personalized touch to each and every project. Attention to detail is one of the characteristics making us stand out from the crowd as Client’s satisfaction is our main goal. Our high standards for quality are set not only to meet but exceed our Clients expectations.

A team of professionals committed to continuous improvement.  We are ready to answer any questions and are working to maximize value to ensure the best possible outcome of the project.


Whether you’re curious about our services, need an electrician or a plumber, decking or high end housing solutions, contact Mark for a quote!